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    since 1962

  • Parish E-mail List

    To facilitate better communication, a Parish e-mail list is being established. The purpose of the list is to provide email notification, to those who wish to receive it, of significant celebrations, events and activities in our Parish and Archdiocese (including cancellations or time changes due to inclement weather). This list would also be used to distribute important messages from the Parish and Archdiocese.

    Email addresses provided for the purpose of the parish email list will be kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

    Please send your email address to the Parish Office - stpiusx@nl.rogers.com  to be added to the parish email list! Thank you.
  • St. Pius X Parish Storm Cancellation Policy


    Parish Council has recommended that St. Pius X Parish adopt the following storm cancellation policy.  This is to ensure the safety of parishioners, and to conform with the requirements of our liability insurance.  In the event of a storm, or impending storm, the following procedures will be followed.


    Morning and Evening Weekday Masses

    If schools in the St. John’s and area are closed due to a storm,  then St. Pius X facilities (Church, Parish Hall, and Rectory) will also be closed for that entire day.

    Weekend Masses

    If there is a storm, or impending storm, the Pastor, on the advice of the Parish support staff, will decide on whether to close the church for the entire day.  In making this decision the Pastor will take account of a variety of factors, including road conditions, the state of the church  parking lot, and whether it is possible to keep emergency doors free of snow, as well as the weather forecast for the rest of the day.

    Where possible, information about closures will be posted on the parish website, emails will be sent to the parishioners on the parish email list, and on the radio, at least ninety minutes prior to the start of a Mass or other event. This information will also be recorded on the parish phone voice mail (754-0170).  When the Church is closed due to a storm, all parish activities are cancelled for that day, including those taking place in the Parish Hall and Rectory.


    In the past, occasions have arisen when parishioners have managed to drive to the church and park on the parking lot, only to find that when they return to their cars after the service, the city plows have cleared Smithville Crescent,  leaving a pile of snow at the entrance to the parking lot.  This has caused drivers to get stuck in the deep snow while exiting and having to rely on the services of “good Samaritans” to help push their cars through the snow.  This exposes the ‘helpers’ to risks they shouldn’t have had to take.  This new policy should help to avoid such potentially hazardous situations for drivers and pedestrians.

    Please note,  that if parishioners do come to the church when it has been officially closed due to a storm, the doors will be locked for the entire day.  With this policy we are hoping to ensure everyone’s safety when weather conditions are severe.  If you do miss Mass on a weekend due to a storm, you can always attend a Mass later in the week if you feel it necessary!  The policy is for everyone’s safety!


    Father Earl Smith, SJ
    and our
    Parish Council                                                                                                                                                         (Revised:   December 3, 2015)

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